Fruit and Veggies Debate


I’m bored and want to hear what you have to say.

What is your favorite fruit? What is your least favorite fruit? What is your favorite veggie? What is your least favorite veggie? Which do you dislike more, fruit or veggies? Would you rather not eat them at all?


For me:

Favorite fruit: Raspberry
Least favorite fruit: Tomato

Favorite veggie: Snap peas
Least favorite veggie: Eggplant (even though it has seeds lmao)

My favorite fruit is when you go out ona hike with Scouts in the summer. Pick blackberries fresh off the branch. They are so good

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Oh. You’re one of those people

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I’m craving blackberries now :D.

You bet I am! :D.

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Tomatoes are vegetables

  • Yes
  • No

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By definition: No
Flavor: Yes

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Favourite fruit: (seedless) Grapes
Least Favourite Fruit: Mango

Favourite vegetable: Tomato
Least favourite fruit: Carrots