Forgotten: An Infinite Flight Movie

I felt like I had to make this movie… Here is a bunch of diverse and unusual liveries I rarely see people flying. Here’s just a few of them, there’s a whole lot more to explore! I hope you like it!

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Post below how many of them you knew were in the sim!

Challenge: One of the videos is reused from another of my movies. Can you find which and from which movie?


1:00 :joy: that doesn’t even exist yet

And that transaero 748 and A380

Great video!

I know the PIA DC10, NWA A319, TAP 742 and the Kendell CRJ
Nordica too

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Kinda forgot about the NWA A319 lol imma fly it rn

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still ppl don’t remember them. Also that A350.

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@BonaireDude @IF_International who give bad grade :sob:

What do you mean?

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By the way I do know what those Q400 liveries are

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what did bonaire do

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gave 0 then

What the hell do you mean

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do the calculations

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y r ppl giving 0s :sob::sob::sob:

Don’t accuse me
I gave a 9

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I accuse 2 caribbean bois


i gave a 10

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Air Tahiti Nui 789 forgotten? No, no, no, you must be mistaken.

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that’s what IF says

why did I get 3 frickin ZEROS???