For the love of dogs

If you happen to love dogs, (who wouldn’t) this topic is for you! Post pictures of your dogs or photos of your favorite type of dog!

Dogs drool and cats are fools.

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Dog photo for day #1

For the love of the forum’s storage, no! :sweat_smile:


College Football Touchdown GIF by DICK'S Sporting Goods

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Golden Retriever Yes GIF by WoofWaggers

Gifs from giphy don’t take storage sooooo

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@CaptainZac you are saying no to this face? :pleading_face:

I’m saying yes to saying no.

So technically, I’m saying yes to not do something.

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Yes who cares about some random dog in San Antonio lol jk

Uh… ok?

:ban: time!

Typo :pleading_face:

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Live view of San Antonio:
Sad A Christmas Story GIF by filmeditor

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But too late.

What the dog doin’?

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