Flying to BWI, A Trip Report // WN1904 GRR-BWI

Hello folks! Today I flew on a Southwest 737-700 with splits to Baltimore/Washington, an awesome flight! Join me on this journey as we take a short hop down to Crabland!

First things first, checking in. We used a kiosk to print tags and tickets, super easy and simple. Very kind ticket counter lady, who was very patient with our 6 checked items! Now to security.


Easy. Simple. Thanks TSA-pre! Also got to use my newly issued licence, which was an added bonus. Didn’t have to take off shoes, take anything out of my bag, love it! Also I HAD to get Starbucks, Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappeccino.


B7 can get super crowded, so, luckily some desks were open in the business area, lots of fun to do schoolwork at the airport so I didn’t have any to do during my trip. As this was a full flight around 180 people were at the end of the concourse, including the E170 to Charlotte. Gate agent got mad at my little brother for trying to get on the plane before the families and an unaccompanied minor. Loved walking around, great little place!


As I was in the B group, and my parents were in A, I had mother save me a seat in row 20, seat 20F to be exact, comfortable legroom and width, I’m 5’9" 175 (lil chunky lol), it was a pretty comfortable fit. One downside was we used 17 for departure…I hate 17 deps, they make me so mad as a spotter. But one of my friends Alan caught me taking off!


We cruised at a comfortable FL390 as we made our way east. Our route took us over Detroit (and DTW), over Lake Erie, and over the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Approach and Landing

Our approach took us past DCA and IAD, before flying over downtown Baltimore, before landing (unplanned) on 33L right after a Delta 737-900ER, landing smoothness was a Ryanair/10. With a short taxi to gate B7 "that’s Bravo 7’ where the aircraft will then perform a flight to Cincinnati, Ohio (actually Kentucky).

Eating On Board

Got myself a Ham and Swiss panini with an orange Fanta prior to boarding that I promised myself I’d eat on the plane (and not before). Flight attendants came by with Southwest Snack Packs, and a drink of your choice, I chose Coke of course! Really good stuff for a lunch miles above Earth!
Arrival into BWI

Still the same as I remembered it from last year. Walking out of the plane down to baggage claim, where we got our bags and went to go wait for the shuttle to the rental car facility. On the way there, I noticed an orange stream dripping down my leg…$h¡t, my Fanta opened up and spilled all over my bag. Awesome! We got our car, and we’re on our way to Pennsylvania!

Check-In: 10/10
Security: 10/10
Gate Area: 6/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Overall: 35/40

Seat: 9/10
Comfort: 8/10
Meal/Drink service: 8/10
Flight Attendants 10/10
Baggage handling: 7/10
Lavatory/General cleanliness: 9/10
Overall: 51/60

Baggage Claim: 7/10
Shuttle: 8/10
Rental Car garage location: -10/10 (won’t be included)
Staff: 6/10
Rental car facility: 8/10
Overall: 29/40

Thanks for joining in!



I cannot, you never gave me tickets :tired_face:

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But you did… virtually…

yes i saw a 3 second takeoff clip and you and another girl staring at my face like i commited grand theft tennisball

How did it feel to be separated by many rows between you and the rest of your family?

It’s not every day that I see such a short flight go up to 390.

Ouch. Looks like they were in a hurry to stop.

One thing though, I really didn’t know SWA had 737-700s with split scimitars.

The pictures were awesome! Keep up the great work.

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Nothing, I sat in 20F, while mother sat in 20E, father and my lil bro sat in 19F and 19E, separated by boarding group thankfully

We went up to 410 last year

From the video I took, it looked smooth, but it was kinda a slammer

They have like 40-60 ish

Thanks man!!!

That’s a relief. Sitting next to strangers especially when you’re quite young is not always a good idea.

Oh, so that’s just a needle in a haystack. They have 400+ 737-700s.

Fun fact: Did you know that SWA has a fleet size of 737?

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I did actually, kinda ironic :sweat_smile:

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It’s a coincidence. A pretty good one at that.

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My little brother ain’t no b¡t¢h :joy:

wait what :scream:

thats a guy?

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Yeah, is lil bro Brendie

nah i coudlve sworn i saw a girl

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Imo it’s better to not sit by your family :joy:


Your chin is 2x the size of your face in total

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It depends.
For example if you’re on a 10 hour flight in economy it’s certainly not so nice to be sitting next to 2 or even 3 strangers. If you’re not travelling alone.

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I’m gonna get the first window seat onboard on the way home

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Cool fact I just learned! My aircraft flew with China Eastern up until 2017, and was the second Southwest -700 with splits

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china s

Where in Baltimore are you? I’m visiting the University of Maryland, so I’m nearby.

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