Flying in the Mesas | VFR in the Rockies

Decided to take the TBM on a spin from KASE to KGJT. Hope you enjoy! (these are unedited btw)

here is my planed route

Sitting at the spot

Engines Fired up, and Terrain Systems Aligned

Holding Short

Passing the Red Table Mtns.

Passing through the Sunlight Mtns. Gap, following a tributary of the Crystal river

Passing through the plains surround the Grand Mesa

On Left Downwind

Unloading at Grand Junction

an Ariel Shot of the fork of the Colorado and Gunnison for your viewing pleasure


I must say, that looks quite real. I drive through that pretty much daily as I live just 7 miles west of where that shot seems to be.


Wait…this is…MSFS? It’s gorgeous!

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yeah, photogrammetery allows for MSFS to build the mountains in 3d, in the same detail as real life


Dang that’s a cool route, I bet whoever suggested it is the coolest person ever

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