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Welcome to IFFG

At Fly Global, we push the limits of what a VO can be. We might be new, but we are not ancient. We have a state of the art website with our OWN FORUM. We have a interactive blog, chatting system, etc. We are in the middle of developing a all new PHPVMS Crew Center. Here at Fly Global we value diversity, kindness, equality, professionalism, and honesty. We care about every one of our Pilots and Staff. At Fly Global, our goal is to become your favorite VO.

Pilot&Staff Requirements

This year, we understand during these hard times and the heart of a pandemic. That everyone cannot meet the expected standards of usual VO’s and VA’s. This year we are lowering our bar to make it easier for the IFC, and any other forum users to apply. We have made a form with all of our requirements linked down below. Please click the link to view the requirements.

Link to Requirements Page (On Web)

Ranking Systems

Our ranking system is on our Help Center portal. Please click the link below to view our Staff and Pilot ranking systems.

Click here to view

About Us

Our VO was founded on August 10th 2020. Since then, we stand on our roots. Kindness, honesty, professionalism, and equality. Our VO’s top executives are: CEO: @American_s_Aviation COO: Airbus. CAO: Akuliia 1 Super . We have much more Staff and you can find them on our forum or on our website. Without our Staff and Pilots, we would not be the VO we are today. We are based on the IFC, and many other forums including this one. We need amazing Pilots and Staff and we ask you to join us. Join us on our journey through the skies.

Link to About Us (Web Page)

Why Us?

In the IFC, you have so many options. How do you know which one is good for you? The answer, is us. We offer training programs inside our VO with top Pilots and others. We offer the best routes constantly going with over 5 flights a day on 12 hour shifts. We are constantly working to make our VO better for you and everyone. We care about our Pilots, we want you to succeed, we want to help you get there and strive to what you can achieve. You don’t need to choose us. You can go choose someone else. The one thing you should remember though, is that we are here and ready to help. Join us on our journey through the skies.

{If you wish to apply Click here to go to the Application forms}

Quality Over Quantity

What makes Fly Global so professional and advanced? It’s determination and development. We review every little detail in everything. We make sure everything is perfect without detecting to much time into anything. We strive to creating a advanced website and Crew Center. When you apply, our recruiter collaborates with our CEO and CAO to review and progress every application. We care about so many things that are essential that other VA’s and VO’s might not offer. We push through technological advancements every day with our brains and we want you to join us. We value professionalism as one of our roots in our infrastructure. Fly Global is built on professionalism and dedication.

Need Support?

Our VO offers state of the art live chatting on our website. As well as our support email. We are very active and have dedicated customer service agents. We are here if you need anything. Thats one of our jobs isn’t it? If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask us.

*Contact Info* (Click Here)


Live Chatting (12HR RESPONSE): On our website (Bottom right corner)

WFC Forum (4HR RESPONSE): PM us on this forum @American_s_Aviation

IFC Forum (4HR RESPONSE): PM us on the IFC forum at @American 1345Super

Instagram (10HR RESPONSE): flyglobal_virtual_if



hey everyone

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What do you guys use to communicate?

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We use a Discord Crew Center modified to with a special login and sign in through Discord. But by the end of Nov. we will be switching over to a custom PHPVMS (Code for) a Crew Center that most VA’s and VO’s are starting to use.


We also have a community forum on our website if you are interested. (it just launched yesterday so we do not have a domain for it yet it will soon be (


Beautiful thread!


Nice thread!

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Nice thread


already passing 20 applications everyone!


Nice job!






Haha, Thanks.

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Wait what is this? There isn’t any fleet or things like that help I’m lost

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Hey @Mateo_Botha ,

We are a Virtual Organization similar to a VA but we can fly any aircraft or any livery since we do not represent any specific airline. Think of us as a VA, but more of a club in a way.


We might do co-flights or events with other VA’s when doing flights with there livery but we can fly any livery or aircraft of our choosing.

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If anyone has any more questions feel free to ask us here or On our Q&A Page.

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Fly Global FAQ / Q&A

Hey everyone,

As you know me as the CEO of IFFG, our Staff has received a lot of comments asking a lot of questions. So we put this frequently asked questions post up on our thread. Since the high demand for one we are bringing it to you all here. If your question is not answered below feel free to reply to this post with your question and we will happily answer it! We hope this post helps answer your questions.

American 1345 Super (or Americans Aviation) (Same me lol)
{CEO - Fly Global Virtual Airlines}

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a IFFG Pilot have to be a certain age to apply?

Yes, you must be at the age of 13 or above. We do this because we are enforcing maturity and professionalism among our Pilots. Not that we are bias towards older IFC and WFC users always being mature and younger users not. We simply do this to enforce these requirements at our VO. More info on our website.

What is the minimum grade IFFG Pilots need when applying?

The minimum grade to apply to IFFG is grade 2. We require this because grade 2 is the lowest grade that can access the training server which has ATC. We also use expert but grade 3 is required for that but for applying minimum to apply is grade 2.

What if you're blacklisted on IFVARB web?

If you have been blacklisted or are under investigation by IF or the IFVARB, then your application will be frozen pending immediately and we will hold it until IFVARB or IF give us the all clear.

Do IFFG Pilots get access to a special crew center?

Yes, each Pilot will receive their own account to login with on the CC. The login process works like any other website you use when it comes to accounts and login. Our Crew Center is very modern and up to date with PHPVMS script and code.

Where is IFFG's livery or fleet?

IFFG is a Virtual Organization (VO). A Virtual Airline (VA) as you might be more familiar with represent specific airlines. A VO is an organization that is not affiliated with any airline which means we can fly any aircraft and livery. VO’s operate in the same basic ways as VA’s and go through the same application process with the IFVARB. The only difference is that we are not limited to one airline.

Does IFFG fly military, retro, or GA aircraft?

Yes, as we said in the question before this. We can fly any aircraft and any livery. This includes retro liveries, military aircraft/liveries, GA aircraft and liveries, and more. We try to diversify our weekly booking schedule by changing up the routes so Pilots don’t end up flying basically the same route twice. At IFFG we fly every aircraft.

What does IFFG stand for?

“IFFG” if some of you do not know stands for Infinite Flight Fly Global. The “IF” represents that we fly in the flight sim Infinite Flight. The “FG” stands for our VO name, Fly Global. This is a short way to say our VO. For example: IFGA stands for “Infinite Flight Global Aviators” (We and not endorsing or promoting IFGA we are only using their VO as an example.) We hope this helps you understand what IFFG means. At IFFG we are here to help.

Where do you apply to be a Pilot?

You can apply on our website. Click here to visit the page on our website where you can apply.

Do IFFG Pilots get paid?

No, our VO does accept donations, but this is not a job. This is a organization. We do not pay our Pilots but we do let them fly with us and give them features that other VO’s might not offer. We offer many things but paying our Pilots and Staff is not one of them. That violates the IFVARB guidelines and rules on the IFC. It also violates our own rules.

Where do I ask questions on the forum?

You can ask us questions on our Thread (this forum your on right now). We will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via our contact info located at the top of the topic at the bottom of our thread.

What if my question is not on this frequently asked questions?

Remember, the questions posted here are the most frequently asked which means a significant amount of people ask us these specific questions. If you have a question, just ask us here. Reply to this post on this thread and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you need our contact info refer to the top of the thread with our social media and contact info.

Reply to this post with your question and our Staff will respond to it with an answer as soon as we can…


Now tell me honestly, what VA pays their pilots I need to join that :rofl:

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