Flight Review American oAAsis A321

Hello everyone! I know its been awhile but its time to make a trip report from DFW-PHX on oAAsis. No pics, but well still make this work.

Arriving at the check in area we checked in our bags for this short flight over to Phoenix sky-harbor. We were greeted by a very kind employee who printed our boarding passess for us! He definitely also had the look of “I dont have enough coffee for 4:30am”
He was still very kind and we were on our way to the gate for this 6 am flight to PHX

We boarded in group 6 to get onto a full presidents day weekend flight (we flew on February 19th) there were definitely some people who did not get the concept of “put your bag on its side”
We were able to put our bags in right above my seat, 29A
The legroom was OK but managable, i still simp for the E175 seats
Width felt better than last time and i used the headrest a lot.

The wifi worked better than on my trip to Iowa, we were able to surf the app and movies with no problem. AA had a good selection of movies, tv shows, and live TV

Food was apple juice and biscoff, nothing special for the 2 ½ hour flight

The crew were nice, but i did not see them a lot

As the scenery changed from plains to mountains, we passed over Lubbock where we got a very strong 4G lte signal from 30K feet. I dont what texas tech is doing but it gave me enough time to check FR24. Now the decent into Phoenix was stunning, Arizona is sooo beautiful. Phoenix is great. But one problem, my ears hurt real bad on this decent, ive never felt this bad before, but as we got on the ground my ears healed and i was back to no pain.

The landing was very good and as we went to get our bags from claim 5, a friendly man in a purple blazer handed us a kit kat that said “PHX kindness for the win”

Departure airport experience :star::star::star::first_quarter_moon: (the half moon= a half star)
Seat :star::star::star: average, nothing special
IFE :star::star::star:
Crew :star::star::star::first_quarter_moon:
Food :star::star::star:
Landing :star::star::star::star:
Arrival airport experience :star::star::star::star::star:

Overall oAAsis was an average way of flying, duable but not over the top in either direction

25/35 stars

“See you in the skies” -Jeb Brooks


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