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This tread can be used to ask questions like

  • “What is the best ___ hour/minute(s) route”
  • “What is the best cruising speed for ___ at _____ feet”

And much more!

Is 86% N1 good at cruising altitude or should I lower to FL330?

What plane what route?

A350-900, RPLL-KJFK

What’s your current altitude?


Speed (mach)?


Yes you should be fine where you are :slight_smile:

If you want to be REALLY safe, 330 is fine i guess

I feel fine where I am, I’m saving 2 hours by doing so


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Is 92% N1 good for an A380 at FL360


34% fuel


Is 98% N1 good for an A380 at Fl400 M0.82


I have a few questions -

  1. What is the best take off thrust setting? ( in N1)
  2. Odd cruise altitude for which heading (like even or odd cruise altitude) ?
  3. Best cruise speed
  4. Any good route from KSEA with flight time of 1 hour
  5. Good freeware GA aircraft for X-Plane 11

Weight dependent. It can vary from 60% to 117% (maximum thrust).

00° - 179° = odd
180° - 360° = even

Again, weight dependent. Never exceed M0.87/8, though (commercial).

Seattle to Portland (KSEA-KPDX).

Hope this helps. :grin:

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thanks :smiley:

which cruise altitude for odd and even headings?

Odd altitudes would be FL330, FL350, FL370, etc. Even altitudes would be FL320, FL340, FL360, etc.

Example 1: If I’m flying EWR-LAX, I would be at an even altitude.
Example 2: If I’m flying LAX-EWR, I would be at an odd altitude.

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