What are your biggest fears onboard a plane and at the airport?

Other passengers.

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mine are specific passengers with large bags…

My fears? Probably not being able to save all the passengers.

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Crying babies on long haul flights. I once had to sit next to a mom with two 3 year old toddlers and 7 month old. The mom was it the second seat with the toddlers between her. The 7 month old was a lap child. I was in the aisle. It was

Toddler 1|Mom (and lap child)|Toddler 2|Me

The toddlers took turns watching cartoons on full volume, sticking their legs on my armrest, begging me for hi-chews, screaming their head off (not crying, just screaming), poking their mom and my face, and trying to steal my stuff (note the lap child was super well behaved). It was a red eye flight, so the mom and I weren’t able to do much about it. The mom was super sweet but I felt so bad for her.


Tip for traveling:

Bring hi-chews. They delicious as a pastime, or you can calm children down with it. It not so soft that it sticks to their teeth, and it’s not too hard to the point they choke on it. They’re not gum, so they don’t play with it and get it stuck in their hair, on the seat, or in my clothes. Always buy the large bags so you also have some for yourself.

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my fear is to develop a fear about aviation someday


Having a short connection and being delayed out of the first airport.
Happened to me flying SNA - DFW - DCA.
Delayed 45 minutes and our connecting flight left just as we landed :woozy_face:
Stuck there for 5 hours

Also taxiing at ORD last August during the construction. I’ll just show the FR24 picture of our taxi lol
Also a short connection and a taxi that was half the time of the flight

Trying to pull of one of DL’s old 35min remote stand SLC connections. Never had to do one but I heard they were quite stressful considering the design of the old SLC.

35 minutes at any airport is scary because all it takes is a slight delay anywhere lol

i have a fear of saying 6 inside an aircraft or airport now

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lmao :rofl:

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My real fear is on my insta @deltadev13

is self promotion allowed?


The fear of engine go big boom

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lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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777 starts sweating

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not 777

the pw is on the 777