Favourite Restaurant

my favourite is Chefette

if yall dont know what chefette is its basically a better KFC and McDonalds

Madero, but its expensive

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Pffft anything is better than McDonalds

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not Bob’s lol



their food is garbage

its just as bad as air koryo mystery meat

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I don’t have a favorite restaurant though lol

NusrEt. Haven’t eaten there in a long time tho

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Quick, a Belgian French burger chain

Any pizza place.

And there’s this place outside Charlotte called El Valle, amazing restaurant.

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wAsNt ThE tSuNaMi ToDaY sCaRy lol

this is a restaurant topic

I know

There’s restaurants on the coast

Ruby’s Diner on the Balboa Pier. There. It’s relevant

I’m still sad that the Rubys on the HB pier got closed

At least we got Sandy’s

I’ve never been to that one

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It’s right next to the pier, underneath Duke’s.

Get the Ahi Tuna burger. It’s so messy and delicious.

That pier is so busy :joy:

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