Favorite Airport

Favorite airport feature for user profile.

I like the idea


Is there still interest in this feature?


there still is

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I like this one. KSNA FOR THE WIN!

I’m up for this idea! :+1:

I am really interested in this.

Le bump


@CaptainZac 13 votes is a lot.

By commenting that 13 Votes is a lot is not going to make this be Approved. I’m not mad, I just want you to know that I am aware that this topic is here and I’m thinking about it. I don’t know if we are going to be doing much more of these as the user card is starting to get a little clogged. I’ll think about it and let you all know tomorrow because I have seen this topic.

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And I Oopps

I can’t escape it


@CaptainZac Is there an update on this? I know your busy and may not have time to do this. If your answer is no we won’t be adding this then I’ll go ahead and return everyone’s votes.

Let’s give people one final chance to give opinions


Seems like a good idea, I’ll drop a vote!


It took you this long to say that!


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Why did you laugh here too then

Cause I did.

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