Enough Is Enough (PSA)

Howdy WFC

Yea I’m doing a lecture today. Welcome to my Ted Talk.

The WFC is a fun and outgoing place but you need to know when to stop or how to look out for others.

As some of you know, it is extremely hard to convey a joke via text. Meaning you could say something in one context you thought in your mind is ok, but the receiver of the message will see it disrespectful or hurt their feelings. Now I’m not saying to stop joking. Rather you need to put emphasis on your jokes to make them 100% readable as a joke. If you need more help with that as.

Looking out for others ties directly into this. I hate with a strong passion seeing people rough up on someone for no apparent reason other than personal annoyance or disagreeing with their views. Respect is something everyone should have for everyone. Even if you aren’t fond of the person you should still have enough self dignity to show them respect even if they don’t back.

Lots of times people have alot going on and you have no idea what is going on in their personal life. Do not assume everything is ok because it very well might not be. Be there for them and help them through the bump in the road.

The WFC needs to be a safe and fun environment. Please make sure it stays that way.

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