Embraer vs Bombardier World Map

This will be similar to the previous maps posted by @CaptainZac, except instead of being a US map, it’s a world map.

  • You may pick any two countries to start
  • First “team” to 150 wins


United States and Iceland Red please!

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Argentina and Russia Red.

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Uh Greenland and Texa…oh wait, that’s not a country

Color red for France as well

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Brazil and Israel


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So, Canada? US is already red.


Japan red

Australia and Maldives red please

Sierra leone and Togo red please.

Mexico and Spain red please

Motherland Blue! (England lol)
And Germany Red!
I like both manufacturers

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Going to go with my 2 home countries :slight_smile:

Finland and the Netherlands Blue!

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Ight. Got you all marked down. if you see Sweden and Latvia marked, its because I wanted to vote too.

@Zach, the Maldives aren’t on this map. Is there a different country you want to use?

@Maverick, you only picked one. What do you want your second country to be?

Philippines red

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North Korea and South Korea blue please

Turkmenistan then.

UK and South Africa blue please

India red pls