Embraer vs Bombardier: The Little Plane War

These two little planes have their highs and their lows, why not debate them and see which plane, comes out on top.

  • Embraer
  • Bombardier

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Personally I like the CRJ jets more. I just like the smaller, cozy (and cramped) version. It is also unique, I find the E-Jets like a small 737, nothing really unique. But that’s my opinion, what’s yours?

All of my Team Embraer where r u???


Present @CaptainZac

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Embraer is more roomy than a Bombardier it’s not as cramped which results in an open concept. Also nothing beats large windows!


E-Jets rule. No exceptions. They also look stellar.


The only reason I voted for Bombardier is because of the CRJ-550. Yes, it’s just a reconfigured CRJ-700, but United did a phenomenal job with it, and in my eyes, it earns the title of the best regional jet.

I will agree with that other than that Bombardier aircraft are garbage. The 550 is the new version in which regional flying should be like.

Your unbreakable love with United is clouding your vision and hiding the truth from you, my dear friend. :nail_care:

  1. You understand that United is the only airline that has it

  1. Do you have an unhealthy obsession with United (I mean, I would admit that I do have an obsession with JetBlue but that’s a whole different story)

  1. I don’t think any other airline is actually planning on ordering the 550

  1. You understand the 550 is exactly the same as the 700 just with different weight and balance, that’s the only reason why they renamed it. The airframe is identical.
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Yes. That’s why I made it clear that UA did a phenomenal job with it. :slight_smile:

Umm… sorta. There’s a lot more to it, but it gets a little emotional, lol.

At the moment, it is just UA.

Yep. I stated that in my original response. :blush:

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Just a… quick question. Do you really have an emotional bond with United? @Z-Tube

This is the key. :joy:

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I’m not sure I’d call it an emotional bond, but yes, I do have an attachment with United.

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I’m team Embraer on this one, having flown the E175 (United, American) and E190 (jetBlue).

Best in the USA

Embraer is better (I’m a Brazilian so don’t take me too seriously)

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I like the Dash-8 the old AA :heart_eyes:

I also love Bombardier too such a tough choice.

Embraer has a longer range of than CRJ. So I will choose Embraer.

Call me crazy but I actually found that UA’s E175 is more comfortable than their domestic configuration 772 so for that I’d give the title to Embraer, but Bombardier technically made the CSeries which is one of the world’s best planes and they owned DeHavilland which made the brilliant Dash 8. Ultimately I’d say it’s a draw.

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