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As many know, El Al Virtual strives for the best and only the best. We make changes and adjustments as frequently as possible to both keep interest for our pilots and to optimize things for maximum efficiency. Take a look below to see everything that we are releasing now!

New Website and Crew Center

Our brand new website offers a more user-friendly interface, modern and flashy photos, and an easy form to contact us. Similarly, our new Crew Center looks and works better than ever! Featuring Event Management, Multiplier Codes, and even ACARS, there’s no doubt that this was the right choice!

Lower Activity Requirements

As the summer comes to an end and life picks back up, more important things come into play. For that reason, we have decided to lower the activity requirements to a minimum of one flight per month.

El Al Historical & El Al Executive

Senior Captain, our new rank, boasts a few perks. The two main ones are El Al Historical and El Al Executive. With El Al Historical, you can fly to El Al’s terminated destinations and file them for hours and pilot pay! With El Al Executive, you are granted the ability to fly to or from any airport on the planet with the TBM 930 or Citation X. Every two weeks, pilots can choose to fly three total legs. Our only rule is that they must either start from or end at LLBG.

About Us

Founded on May 6, 2020, El Al Virtual was established based upon our CEO’s dedication to his heritage. Knowing that both the airline and country don’t get much love, he knew something had to be done. Constantly putting in work day after day to exceed perfection, El Al Virtual officially became IFVARB Approved on June 1, 2020.

Within Infinite Flight, there are many Virtual Airlines to choose from. Finding one you can count on and build a relationship within the long term is difficult; however, we have simplified that for you. Here are some reasons as to why you have made the best decision by choosing us!

Our Approach

As the only Israeli VA in Infinite Flight, our goal is to represent what we have to offer. Some may take it that our country and airline are small compared to places like the U.S. with 3 mainline carriers; however, we have just as much to offer, if not more. The pride we take in representing Israel is outstanding. Seeing our flag on the tail of our aircraft soaring at 34,000 feet is something no other airline could say, unless you’re flying El Al, of course!


What makes El Al a truly professional environment is the test we put all potential pilots through. Each applicant will go through an initial application where multiple aspects are analyzed. If the applicant is approved, they are sent our pilot exam, a twenty question exam that we have exclusively designed. Once complete, the applicant will receive a PM via the IFC with their score. A passing score of 16/20 (80%) is required. If that is not met, the applicant will be enrolled in our training program explicitly built around them. Furthermore, our pilots will be provided as much support as needed to thrive with us.

Our Support

Our trained and well-rounded staff are here to support you and help you with anything around the clock. Whether you send an inquiry via our email or PM us on the IFC, you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours!

Our Staff

The El Al Virtual staff team is a dedicated set of available individuals around the clock to address any concerns or questions. With a wide variety of experience, our staff consists of seasoned pilots and experienced IFATC controllers. Click the drop-downs below to view our team!

Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer: @Z-Tube

Chief Operating Officer: @CaptainZac

Human Resources Manager: Vacant


Chief Pilot: Vacant

Events Manager: Vacant

Media Manager: @EAK209

If you are interested in any of the Vacant staff positions, please feel free to PM us!

Our Fleet

Operating the Boeing 737-800, 737-900ER, 777-200ER, 787-8, 787-9, El Al Virtual follows El Al’s real fleet. Why don’t you take a look at our beautiful aircraft below!

Our Routes

At LYVA, we always aim for the best pilot experience. For this reason, our routes are constantly evolving to match El Al’s real destination map!

Codeshare Routes are not pictured in this map

El Al Virtual Rank System

Rank Hour Requirements Aircraft(s) Available Program(s) Available
Second Officer 0-30 Hours B738 Standard
First Officer 30-70 Hours B739 Standard
Senior First Officer 70-150 Hours B772, B788 Standard
Captain 150-500 Hours B789 Standard
Senior Captain 500+ Hours TBM9, C750 Standard, El Al Historical, El Al Executive

The El Al B78X may be used in lieu of the Generic 789

El Al Virtual Codeshare Rank System
Rank Hour Requirements Aircraft(s) Available Program(s) Available
Second Officer 0-30 Hours DH8D, E175, E190, A319, A320, B737, B738 Standard
First Officer 30-70 Hours A321, B739 Standard
Senior First Officer 70-150 Hours A333, B752, B763, B772, B788 Standard
Captain 150+ A359, A388, B744, B77W, B789, B78X Standard

Our Partners

Allowing our pilots to expand into new regions, codeshares are a vital part of our VA. While a few of our partners aren’t inline with our real-world counterpart, we do not regret the decision to branch out. It’s one of the reasons our pilots love flying with us!

Crew Center

As mentioned above, El Al Virtual has moved to a new website and integrated Crew Center. From booking routes to filing pilot reports, the LYVA Crew Center has it all! A few other features include Pilot Pay, a full section for recent updates, and even a place to view all your statistics!

Ready to Join?


Age 13+
Valid and active Infinite Flight subscription
Grade 3+
Valid IFC account that is in good standing
Must be active and be able to file a flight at least once every two weeks
Must have access to Slack

Once an application has been submitted, a member of our team will contact you via the IFC regarding your application. Please allow up to 48 hours for all initial applications to be processed.

Apply Here


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I’m glad to be part of this amazing VA! LYVA is the most PROFESSIONAL and the BEST VA I’ve ever been to!


Glad you love it… not that im staff or anything but… glad you like it


Amazing thread! Unfortunately I am not a CEO in any VA yet.


But soon I’ll be.


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Finnair Virtual.

I will become CEO in 4 days

November 1st, 0000Z


I work in AVVA, I remember when Zack and I became staff! (And I also remember when he left us…) thanks to that, I’m here!


I’m pretty sure VAs cannot post VA threads outside of the IFC, but correct me if I’m wrong.

I thought the same thing; however, I talked to mwe about it. He said it’s all good! :slight_smile:


Great thread Z-Tube good luck to you. :slight_smile:

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Nice thread (I may or may not have helped design it but…)

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Great Thread guys!

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Thanks, Adrian! Welcome to the community, by the way! :blush:

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Thanks you sir😊love here

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Website | Instagram | Crew Center | Join Us

Help Us Help You

Our pilots’ and community feedback is vital to the success of El Al Virtual. For that reason, @Z-Tube has designed a new survey that will allow us to interact with current, potential, and past pilots.

All responses will be read, considered, and implemented if appropriate. Our end goal is to work internally to reshape the VA we are today and create the most welcome, comfortable, and inspiring environment possible.

We look forward to hearing your feedback! Thank you for your time!

All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Please keep it appropriate, and answer all questions to the best of your ability. The bolded blue word above contains the link to the survey. Alternately, you may use the link below to access it.

El Al Virtual - Help Us Help You

El Al Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. and are used under a license from El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

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Very professional thread!

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Oh, look. Another thing I need to update. Oops. I’m really slacking. :joy:

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You guys have a partnership with Trans Russian too. Do you get reply’s from him because I don’t.