El Al To Start 2 Daily Flights To Dubai Starting December 13th

El Al To Start Service To Dubai

El Al Israel Airlines Will start to daily serviced flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai starting Sunday, December 13. This will be a great birthday present for me! If you don’t know, that is my birthday I am very excited to see these new routes. We will also see FlyDubai do a service to Dubai as well, with Etihad also flying to Abu Dhabi. El Al will operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as well as the 737-900 aircraft. I am excited to see where this will take them. Also, a new route for LYVA @anon94363592 @Austrian001 @CPT_HILD and many more!


Great to see El Al starting some more flights. I like seeing their liveries.

Great that more countries are getting along with Israel.
Very important

Great to see! I’ve seen that FlyDubai has also been doing this same route for a few weeks now. A big milestone for Israeli aviation!

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Also, here is the inaugural flight. It appears that it is flight 973 on the 787 as the inaugural

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Love it. The 787 is such a wonderful aircraft for their fleet. It also serves as a great purpose for short haul routes with high demand.

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Yep. The picture above really showcases how much bigger the 789 is rather than the 788. I have flown on the 9 with them and it was huge

I’ve flown on a -8 before and it feels big even though it’s not the longest aircraft.

Yeah, true


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Very cool to see the relations between UAE and Israel strengthening

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Yep. It’s exciting

Yay! More routes!

@anon94363592 please notice this!

It’s been noticed, lol. I added it to our database and will upload it in the next few days when I make some other changes.

Thanks for sharing!

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