E175 vs. E190 - Which Do You Want Added?

Here we go folks :weary:

Belligerents of the E175 - E190 Infinite Flight war:

E190 team

Barbados - @barbadian

Advantages: Stronger navy due to good amount of sea

Brazil (South) - @Zach

Advantages: Tons of people, hard to take on /w city resistance

Texas (South) - @Zach

Advatages: Patrotic i guess (tons of rebellions)

@GBKarp - Brazil (North)

Advantages : Amazon

@JetSuperior5192 - Baja Peninsula

Advantages - Access to Pacific Ocean, and large ports

E175 Team

@IF_KGRR - LP Michigan, Eastern UP Michigan

Advantages: resistance in bigger areas like grand rapids and detroit

@BonaireDude - Bonaire

Advantages: great navy, on par with fly_if

@Aviation2929 - Northern Texas

Advantages: Resistance especially in dallas

attrition due to tornado’s and storms, occasionally heat

@Ethan - Hong Kong

Advantage: Mountainous Areas to hide out also resistant population and big city

@Rolls - California ( South)

LA area hard to get through, some mountains

New Jersey - @anon94363592

Advantages: None that i know of

Idaho - @StormyAviation

Mountainous areas and dry land, hard to combat

@Gabi_Burnei - Romania

Advantages: Carpathian Mountain range


I want E170

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E190 for me

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E190 for @TheGlobalAviator as well

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wait I said I’d remain neutral :joy:

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I’ll be on #TeamE175


Screw this, I want all Embraer teams

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E170 and e195 aren’t here cri

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Choose one. Just a friendly debate.

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E190, just because it’s my favourite


E175. (also I added myself)

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You choose

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Please 180

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today’s the day we are mobilizing, teams.

get as much supporters with your propaganda before Thursday 9 AM.

From here you will have until 2PM to make defenses. after this, we wish you good luck

may the fight begin.

The leaders are circled in red.


The leaders will have on average 25,000, while moderators and TL 1 - 3 have 5,000 forces each.

each team has the following number of infantry

E190, 45,000, 5000 navy seals
E175, 45,000, 5000 navy seals

I’ve also given you a funding of 5 Trillion dollars, dont put this to nothing.

I have also made an navy and airforce for you (if you are from a landlocked country, you do not have the former)

25 destroyers
3 submarines
and 5,000 navy seals each


I can’t chose. I’m on both :laughing:


you are neutral with @TheGlobalAviator


Also dont be so gore like really

you do not need to go into detail abnout how they died and how they looked when they died

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As leader of the 175’s, I’d like to declare… we are superior


You posted it

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