Discord Channels For Group Flights

This would be an interesting system. Basically, when you sign up for a group Flight you can message me to request a discord chat channel. Once all the members have signed up, you will be able to put into a private chat room on the WFC server for all of you guys to talk. It’s very similar to the private category system we have here, it would just be on Discord. I would like to know your input, and if you guys think this would be a good idea for the community? Thank you all!

While I’m not opposed to this, wouldn’t a PM fulfill this?

Additionally, I know some people who can’t use Discord. How would they be informed of the flight details, etc.?

It can, but I would like to know if voice chat would be better for you all. I’m just curious. Not a confirmation, just an idea to see what the community thinks

Ah, I see. What about the voice chat feature we have here?

I took that off, there was too many complications including a payment required

Oh, got it. That’s a bit unfortunate, to be honest. :pensive:

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It’s already my second failed plug-in :pensive:. I’ll find a good one that works

I like the idea of voice chat for flights.

Interest in this?


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Personally I think no as it just is a big more hassle and we have everything we need for group flights here on the WFC.

I love this idea as it is the same as my previous request that in part got shutdown…

If the WFC had a Discord server, VC’s would not exist. So, what would be the point of a Discord Server? The forum can do the same exact thing.


Totally agree. No point

I voted for this because, why not?

I’m going to have to agree with Zack on this one. Maybe this isn’t the best idea. If you would like to do voice chats, go ahead and do it on your own discord servers outside of the WFC. Thank you