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Greetings WFC users! DHL Express Virtual is a unique Virtual Airline approved by the IFVARB that offers more than 120,000 routes in the real world. We only have about 200 routes currently, but routes are constantly being added so we should have plenty more routes as time goes on. Our fleet consists of over 250+ different types of aircraft and we fly all over the world! To see what aircraft we have currently on Infinite Flight, you can view our fleet page on our website or here on the thread. Since our approval on November 10th, 2021 we have been striving to make DHL Express Virtual the best experience for our pilots, staff, and future applicants.


DHL Express Virtual has 6 amazing partner airlines that help us expand our route database to more destinations. View them here:

image Avelo Air Virtual
image FedEx Express Virtual
image Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual
image Airbus Virtual
image Saudia Virtual
image White Cloud Virtual
image Avianca Virtual


IFATC Program:

We give high appreciation to the IFATC controllers who are in DHL Express Virtual and give their time in controlling each of our events or when the pilots in DHL Express Virtual are about to land at their destination airport. And we can do this by giving them awards, medals and flight hours bonus on the controllers next flight.


Training Program:

The Training Program serves as a learning opportunity for pilots, and any pilot can be put in the program by choice or by one of our Chief Officers. This program helps those who have not yet mastered the fundamentals of flying on the Expert Server and would like to seek some help. To enter the program, all they’d have to do is message one of our CO’s and they’ll add you in!


Career Mode:

Career Mode allows our pilots to fly realistically, and do flight from wherever they last landed. Pilot who complete the program will receive the Career Award and 30 bonus hours. The completion time depends on how active you are and how many flights you’ve completed while in the program. Your completion time should come anywhere from 3-6 weeks, varying once again by your activity, flight distance, flight time and many other factors.



DHL Express Virtual uses one of the best crew centers associated with the VA world. We currently use Flare and it can be accessed anywhere ranging from your laptop, PC, mobile device, and more with all kinds of cool features!


We have a unique ranking system, view it below.

Trainee-removebg-previewTrainee - 0 to 25 hours

Third_Officer-removebg-previewThird Officer - 26 to 55 hours

Second_Officer-removebg-previewSecond Officer - 56 to 89 hours

First_Officer-removebg-previewFirst Officer - 90 to 139 hours

Senior_First_Officer-removebg-previewSenior First Officer - 140 to 190 hours

Trainee_Captain-removebg-previewTrainee Captain - 191 to 261 hours

Junior_Captain-removebg-previewJunior Captain - 262 to 349 hours

_Captain-removebg-previewCaptain - 350 to 459 hours

Senior_Captain-removebg-previewSenior Captain - 460 to 680 hours

Senior_Captain-removebg-previewHonors Captain - 681+ hours


Chief Officers:
Chief Executive Officer | DHL 1VA | @skye
Chief Operations Officer | DHL 2VA | @Reserved
Chief Relations Officer | DHL 3VA | @Rob_Shore
Chief Information Officer | DHL 4VA | @Andrew_Calvin

Supervisors Department:
Events Supervisor | DHL 5VA | @Haydentheavgeek
PIREP Supervisor | DHL 6VA | @AviationChampion
Routes Supervisor | DHL 7VA | @Vacant
Programs Supervisor | DHL 8VA | @Albatross_Prince


We have amazing routes from all over the world. From North America, to Europe, to Australia and much more!


World Map


North American


South American








African/Middle East



Cessna 208

Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster

Using Cessna 208 Caravan on DHL Livery (N920HL)

Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-400BCF

Using B737-700 on Generic Livery

Boeing 757-200


Boeing 757-200F

Using B757-200 on Generic Livery

Boeing 767-300

Boeing 767-300(F)

Using B767-300 on Generic Livery

Boeing 777F

Boeing 777-200F

Using B777-F on DHL Livery

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400(F)

Using B747-400 on Generic Livery

Boeing 747-800

Boeing 747-800F

Using B747-800 on Generic Livery

Airbus A330

Airbus A330-300(F)

Using A330-300 on Generic Livery

Airbus A321

Airbus A321-200(F)

Using A321-200 on Generic Livery


McDonnell Douglas DC10-30F

Using McDonnell Douglas DC10-30F on Generic Livery


McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Using McDonnell Douglas MD-11F on Generic Livery



  • Must have a legal copy of Infinite Flight

  • Must have an active Infinite Flight Pro-subscription

  • Must be Grade 3 or above to apply and at the age of 13+ by IFC Policies and Discord terms of service.

  • Members must have an IFC account in good standing, per IFVARB policies.

  • No more than 2 level 2/3 violations in the past seven days.

  • Must have Discord to join our communications server.

Tap The Button Below To Apply!


Please Do Not Complete The Exam


Huge thanks to @XY_MAGIC for the thread banners!

DHL Express Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the Infinite Flight platform. We have no affiliation with DHL Express or any subsidiary. All DHL Express trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this site remain the property of DHL Express.

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