Departing Orange County in Style

Hey everyone! I flew a Private Jet route from Orange County to the East side of the Bay Area in Northern California. The flight takes you over the great Central Valley accounting for 13% of all the United State’s produce each year along with the majority of different produce. Since JWA is known for being one of SoCal’s busiest GA/Private Jet airports along with being my home airport, I decided to fly from there because why not.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Cessna Citation X
Route: Orange County to Concord/Buchanan Field
Flight Time: 1hr and 21mn

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Yass girl! OC PRIDE! It’s interesting how I can see a lot of the places I’ve ben to in this picture. I can see the Newport Harbor, that dingy golf course, Santa Ana river, mile square park…

Please don’t ever say this again lol seriously tho


Yeah it’s funny how you can tell what everything is, I recognize so many places :joy:

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I recognize all of nothing. I’ve been to Cali once and it was to San Francisco and Slainas.


That explains it :wink:

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Oh ok
Yeah SF used to be cool
Pretty sketchy now and not really safe at all :joy:

very cool


Look at the plane, @ToasterStroodie. :slightly_smiling_face:


We need the Falcon 8X in IF
That’d be better for private jets lol

Imagine @ToasterStroodie not commenting here. That would be funny :expressionless:

Wow you bumped a dead topic lol

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