DEN-SFO /// The BEST Mobile Flight Sim

Hello everyone :wave:

Today I took Aerofly FS2021 for a spin and flew my 777-300ER from Denver to San Francisco. It was a great flight with some good scenery. Mostly the pics are unedited (aside from crop and light adjustments). Enjoy!

Taxiing out for departure.

High-res scenery as seen from business class.

Wishing farewell to the beautiful 3D downtown Denver.

Rocky Mountain NP :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now for some desert action as we pass into Utah.

Beginning my descent into NorCal.

Entering the final (mega graphics).

Aaaaand parked at the gate, after my buttery landing on 28R.

Let me know what you thought of my flight/pictures.



Ayyy, that looks like my home turf (close enough)

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Nice photos! Would you recommend getting AeroflyFS2021 if I already have AeroflyFS2020?

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i see your spoilers are up

ill be the judge of that. picture pleaseee :joy:

The 777-300ER is really great, so yeah I would say

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