Deadheading with NKVA

Today on the expert server I decided to fly from KDFW-KDTW and back for a @SpiritVirtualAirline flight. The flight time was about two hours each way across the country.
The first flight was on a Spirit A320.

“Up, up, and away” - 74 Gear playing IF

Cruising over Oklahoma

Turning Downwind for KDTW

Final Approach

Butter Intensifies

Now its time to hop in the banana for the way back to DFW!

Houston Detroit Tower, we have lift off!

Cruising Over Indiana

On Final For 17L at KDFW

Another Butter!

After 4 hours we are back in DFW!

It was a great flight with smooth air and great conversations on slack, I was spotted by another NKVA member.
NKVA is a great VA and you should join it!

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Thanks for viewing!

“From now, until the next time, see you in the skies!” - Jeb Brooks

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Great pix

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Very buttery landing.

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