Customize Your Profile With Spooky Elements

Customize Your Profile With Spooky Elements

Hello all!

Today we are introducing our newest Halloween feature, Tom continues the celebration from the new theme! Officially starting now, everyone will have the ability to customize your profile picture with spooky elements!

Now, this is not just an opportunity for you to customize your PFP to its best, it’s also an opportunity to win some sweet WFC prizes! We encourage you to customize your profile paste (as well a picture) to the most Halloween themed profile that you can think of!

The Process

  1. This starts right now! Start whipping out photoshop, canva, or whatever you use to start editing, and start getting your PFI like picture all Halloween themed!
  2. Judging will begin on 2021-10-09T16:00:00Z, 10 days from when this is posted. So, you have plenty of time to get everything ready!
  3. All of the moderators will judge and have the results by 2021-09-15T16:00:00Z. At that time, the results will also be released.

The Prize

You can never have a real WFC competition without a prize, right? So, we are offering an option for you to get your prize. You may select 1 if you win.

  1. Anything from the WFC store for free
  2. A free WFC bumper sticker
  3. TL4 for a day

Thank You!

Thank you all an I wish you good luck in the competition. May the spookiest profile win!


i did not understand…

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Have I won yet


Oh sh…


This still exists?:skull:

Good luck everyone!


Can’t wait for this to start!


make a TL5 and then we’ll see


So admin? Also welcome back.


3 days everyone!

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3 hours y'all!
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