Coral Jet. A Bermudian Startup Airline. — tracking thread

So this happened a week ago and I didn’t even know about it but it’s pretty cool. It going to be the worlds first Bermudian airline. They could start flying by the end of this year. However as of now not a lot is know because they just sent in a request for an AIC from the BCAA last week and don’t want to give out to much info until they get it back.

Proposed fleet:

So far from what we know they plane to lease 7 planes. Those planes happen to be a mix of a319 ceos and a320 ceos. We don’t know the exact amount of specific types but we know they are looking for a320 family pilots.

Hub and routes:

I think it’s pretty self explanatory that a Bermudian airline start up will be based at TXKF. But we know that they will be operating routes to 3 countries/ regions. Those are: the US, the Caribbean, and Canada. The us and Canada didn’t shock me but it will be interesting to see how the Caribbean goes for them.

Other details:

we do not know what the cabin will look like but I have a suspicion it going to be like jetblue with less of the features but cheaper. They haven’t revealed anything about that yet so I’m gonna hold off until more info is given. We do have a logo though:

I’ll provide links below to their website and news articles.

That’s all for now, I’ll update when we get more info.

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Here is what I think the potential routes are giving the focus areas and planes that they will have.


Airport Why I think so
EWR I see a NYC area flight as a must as it’s the most popular route to and from Bermuda. I chose Newark in particular because JFK seems to costly for a start up and LGA just seems weird
BOS Boston also is almost guaranteed as a lot of people fly to Boston for medical purposes and surgery for insurance purposes, I’ve done it before, it also is a focus are for Bermuda tourism
DCA or IAD Washington also seems like a good choice as pre pandemic AA used to fly the route from DCA and it was quite popular, and almost became year round but Covid happened, I don’t know if they will operate to DCA though because like LGA, DCA seems weird so I suspect they will go to IAD
CHS I see Charleston as a likely contender as AA used to fly CHS-BDA before they switched that route to CLT as CLT was a hub. It’s also in a focus state: SC
ATL, ORD and PHL these I see as much less likely as ORD hasn’t had direct service to BDA since the late90s early 2000s, PHL is already served Via AA seasonally. ATL seems the most likely as the Delta flight is still very popular with Bermudians for connections and alot of people have family there.


Airport Why I think so
YYZ at least for a while I only see YYZ as the only Canadian airport being served as I don’t think there is enough demand for anywhere else right now

Have they revealed their livery?

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The Caribbean:

Airport Why I think so
SXM most of the Caribbean airports are gonna have less reasoning as I didn’t think they were gonna serve the area as I don’t think there would e a tone of demand
POS just another popular Caribbean airport I put cause I don’t know why they would have flights to the Caribbean at all tbf
KIN or MBJ this I know at least one of the or both of them will be destinations. A lot of Bermudians have ties to Jamaica for woe or for family.
an airport in the Dominican Republic this is just another large Caribbean country that I tossed on cause I have no clue about the possible Caribbean routes

That’s all of my predictions, most of the will probably be wrong but we will see

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I could see them going to MIA

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No not yet, they said they did not want to reveal much more apart from a logo and fleet size until they got their AOC from the BCAA back so that if they don’t get it, they hype won’t be wasted, they sent it in w week ago so I’m thinking they’ll know what’s gonna happen by then end of the month

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I don’t really see MIA as CLT is a more popular route to Bermuda and I don’t think they are gonna try AA’s mia stronghold just yet, especially when AA already serves MIA

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I could see YUL / YOW also as potential Canadian routes. The demand for Canada to Caribbean / Island routes is a lot higher then you’d expect. Especially from Montreal.

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I don’t really see anything else but yyz on the Initial launch route as neither air Canada or West jet have made a move on in any other cities in about 15 years. I do hope we got more in the future

I also hope for Hartford (BDL) to Bermuda as it would cut 2 or 20 hours off of my travel time to and from boarding school but Ik is that won’t be happening sadly

Still nothing yet sadly, a pre 2023 launch is looking less and less likely.

maybe it’ll shut down

It’s like a 40% chance that it does lol, I not quite sure how it got past the drawing board but if the think it’s gonna work I’m down to only fly them when I can for a few years

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