Cool Spotting Picture @ KSNA

Hey WFC! I went to John Wayne Airport today for a project in my Photography class, and decided to take extra pictures of the planes while I was there.

We have a Southwest B737 parked at gate 22 (which is typically a commuter gate) and a Spirit A320 starting its engines headed to Phoenix. Another Southwest B738 was taking off in the background headed to San Jose (CA).

Sunday 02/07/21 (KSNA)

sorry for the lower quality image, the upload makes the picture blurry

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Bonus Picture

Thanks for stopping by!


I’d give it an 8. I love the picture, however I feel like you could’ve zoomed into the aircraft a little bit more to get both aircraft being the prominent figures in the picture.

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Had to take the picture through a chain linked fence :joy:
Plus it was an iPhone so not much I could do lol

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Security in California, am I right?

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Lol yeah really

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Nice photo, looks like a cool spot

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Thanks! Yeah the place I wanted to go was closed because of COVID leading to fewer travelers :unamused: