Console/Videogame Debate

What is your favourite?

  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Switch
  • Wii (Why not?)
  • Other (mention below!)

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Here is what I prefer to all of those.
My iPad mini 4. It’s what I play IF on so it’s superior.

Playstation all the way

The Wii is godly

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I had one

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Play Station is best. We use symetrical controllers, we have some of the best limited edition games, the console itself is cheaper than xbox, and it was tech designed in Japan so you know it will work well.



The Wii is nostalgic. Still have it to this day


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We sold ours some time ago, brings loads of nostalgia.


I have a Wii U. It’s a great console. The only two games I play are Wii Sports Club and Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. I do occasionally play Nintendoland tho.

Isn’t WII old though…

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The one I have is about seven years old.

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Mines 9 :joy:

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Consoles are consoles

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Not true lol. Xbox is superior


Me with no console looking at other people that have consoles


I mean I would agree on that one

Would KFConsole be a choice?