Community Managers

Community Managers are important idols that can help strengthen the community.

Their roles are prestigious and respectful. They keep the forum and safe and fun place and see that rules are being abided.

I would like to request to add this feature as @Zhopkins also requested this.

I like the idea

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Well, I said I liked the idea in the first feature request, and I can confirm in the 2 1/2 minutes since I wrote that comment I have not changed my mind so I am gonna drop a vote

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But we won’t put many people out there if this request is confirmed. If the number of members increase then we can. There will be no point of having many community Managers/ mods/ safeguarding group if there is no one to look after.

true, it should be like 2-3 for every 100 members maybe?

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Yup, current mods can take up these roles.

Yeah, no need for anything new at 116 members…

Probably nothing until 250?

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Yes. We @CaptainZac vote for this pliz

I doubt will ever get to that number. That’s why we need your help. By promoting the community and getting the word to as many people as possible will get sign-ups. If we want to get the number, I can’t just be me trying to promote it, everyone has to do a little bit of a part or else we will never grow to that big. I appreciate you all.


Don’t worry. I am working on the advertising of WFC

What do you mean we won’t get to 250? It ain’t April yet!

Very funny :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: (jk)


I am advertising like crazy in PMs on the IFC.

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Ik, I am thankful for that, but everyone needs to take part because not one person alone is going to get another 130 sign-ups

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6 is a lot

Now to make this happen

Gonna lock this for now before we have another war.

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