Cloudy plane spotting at Raleigh-Durham

First up we have a American Eagle E175LR arriving from Austin

Next up we have a Delta A319 about to touch down From Orlando

Up next we have a Delta Connection E175LR arriving from Boston

Next we have 2 amazing photos of a Frontier A320NEO arriving from Philadelphia

Up next we have a Gulfstream G450 headed to Las Vegas

Next is an American eagle E175 arriving from Miami while a Southwest 737-800 to Baltimore is holding short of 5R

Next up is a United Express on final from Washington Dulles while a Delta Connection CRJ-900 from JFK waits for another CRJ to pushback from their gate, I also got another photo of that United Express and Delta Connection side by side as the United Express is about to pull in the gate

Next up is a photo of a Delta Connection CRJ-900 pulling forward from pushback outbound to Minneapolis

That JetBlue tail you see pushedback as I left

Next up is a photo of a American 737-800 outbound to Charlotte

After 15-20 minutes of waiting the other CRJ finally left and the JFK flight pulled in the gate which was right in front of me

Next up is a Delta 737-800 on final from the one and only Atlanta with the American 737-800 holding short of 5L

Next is a American eagle pulling up alongside the American 737-800 while a Delta Connection E175LR is on final from Miami, the American eagle is headed up to Philadelphia

Up next is a Southwest 737-800 outbound to Orlando

Also here is a photo of it taking off into the dark clouds

Up next is the American 737-800 rolling the takeoff to Charlotte with that cirrus SR22 in the backround

For our 2nd to last photo we have a United Express on final from Chicago with a Delta Connection E175LR waiting for a 717 to pushback from its gate

And finally we end it off with a classic Delta 717 rolling the takeoff outbound to Detroit

Which one did you like the best, comment down below

These were taken with a iPhone 8+




This is my favorite one :joy:

Just kidding. Great pictures!

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The A320neo of course :wink:

Loved the pictures!

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Where are all the specials, RDU always :roll_eyes: gets specials. Nice shots tho

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I love that 717 :star_struck:


There’s the actual photo


That’s my fav shot now

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I also got this shot I forgot to include


wdym 717?

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Wdym that is a 717

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Y’know, the 717 in the picture

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The last picture of the spotting topic

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Cause he likes MD-95 more

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It has JetBlue. It’s my favorite automatically.

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