Clear Skies and Gusty Winds- Spotting @KASE

Location: Aspen/Pitkin County Regional Airport (Sandy Field), Aspen, Colorado
Camera: iPhone 13

Yesterday, my aunt, who lives in Aspen, took me on a plane spotting adventure at KASE. We spotted mostly along Owl Creek Road, which parallels Aspen’s sole runway. Enjoy!

A pretty empty overflow stand near the runway 33 side. Very snazzy looking private jet taxiing. I can’t get a registration off it, so I’m not sure exactly what kind of plane it is. Can anyone identify it? Far right side of the photograph.

Much, MUCH busier West private stand. Some of those planes were worth tens of millions of dollars.

Some really rich person about to leave Aspen. Well, almost. They went to TOGA, and about 15 seconds later, rejected the takeoff and went back to the stand. I’m super confused about what went wrong.

We moved locations, and saw this United Express (operated by SkyWest) CRJ-700 on takeoff roll, about to leave for a short hop to Denver. They absolutely BUTTERED into Aspen about 50 minutes earlier, which is super rare for this airport.

Stay tuned for a #real-world-aviation topic tomorrow about my special, behind the scenes tour of KASE, complete with an interview with a CFI and ramp access.

Hope you enjoyed!

PM me here or on Discord (same username) for an amazing takeoff video.


looks like some sorta gulfstream

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Nah, a 747.

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I think you mean an A380, right?

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Hey, hope you enjoyed your time here in the Roaring Fork Valley! How was it spotting at Aspen? I’ve never gotten around to spotting there but I’ve watched plenty of take offs from the chair lift at Buttermilk.

Thanks! I had an amazing time in Colorado! One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited!

Spotting at KASE is something I’d highly recommend. It’s super fun to watch all those fancy private planes taxi around, take off, and land.

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