Christmas at PDX 2019

In 2019 (and in 2020) I spent Christmas in an airport hotel right outside the airport and everyday I went planespotting at PDX and here is what I got.

A C206 seaplane seen from a River cruise that has been left on the dock outside a mansion of a well known basketball player for the Portland Trailblazers (don’t know who).

Next taken from atop the south side of PDX Parking garage overlooking runway 28L/10R is a Delta MD-88 taxing to 10R.
After the MD 88 disappears from view an Alaska Airlines E175 pushes back from the gate and prepares to taxi.
Next we move to the north side of the parking garage where we are just in time to see an Alaska Airlines 737 lifting off with MT Hood in the background.
Right after that we see the takeoff of the MD-88 on 10R trailing lots of exhaust from its engines
After the amazing MD-88 takeoff we witness a Southwest Airlines 737-700 takeoff on 10L.
Next up for takeoff is a Delta A319 that wants to be an A330. (Look closely at the registration number and you’ll see why)

Here’s one of my favorite temporary Alaska Airlines liveries the “Dream Big Fly High” livery featuring Russel Willson.

Next is an American Eagle E175 taking of for LAX.

Last picture is an Alaska Airlines Salmon Thirty Salmon-800 taking off on 10R


Cool shots. @PHX_Aviation and @Brody_Swiatek do you approve?


I don’t know basketball very well or any sports for that matter lol.


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These are really good, well done

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Thank you! Although they do vary in quality a bit but that’s fine.

Most of them are good, some are out of center and zoomed out to far though.

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I don’t think I had a tripod at that time so that is the reason why that might be. But nothing some cropping won’t fix.

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I think that basketball player might be Damian Lillard if you even know who he is