Can you guess where I am? Flight Sim Game

The game goes like this. You fly in a flight sim (online) and people have to guess where you currently are. You must include 1 picture. The person to get it right where he/she was flying over when he/she took the photo gets to go next. People are encouraged to escort the person

I like the idea!


So, this wasn’t an online flight as it was just xp11 but hopefully its still ok. This one should be fairly easy.

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Salt Lake City maybe?

Yessir. I have a custom scenery pack so that’s where I usually start or stop my flights. Kinda disappointed though that now it’s a fictional scenery pack as of last month.

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What plane is that? :joy:

Edit: I didn’t even realize that this topic was from over 2 weeks ago. Oops. :see_no_evil:

Saab 340B, developed for xp11 by Carenado

Ahh. The DL livery looks pretty neat on it, not gonna lie!

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Let’s bump this back :slight_smile:

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