Blue Circle Around Avatar

Sorry for another meta post, but just a wee question about the forum again. Nothing major and sorry if I’m asking too many questions. This would happen in iPad or desktop, not mobile. Does it signify a user online? Sorry I haven’t got a photo. Yet.

I’ll move it, but this would be in #meta:support

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Oh sorry. I thought seeing as it wasn’t an issue I would just use meta. What should meta be used for then?

I would say it doesn’t, discourse however has a feature like that but I don’t think it is implemented here.

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I think I have seen it here though. I’ll double check when I can

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The blue circle around the avatar signifies the latest user that has posted in the topic

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Oh okay. Does, for desktop, when there is 5 avatars displayed beside the topic name, the last one not also the last poster? All the ordering confuses me :joy:

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So for desktop, it would only do that for the OP since their avatar isn’t moved to the end of 5 avatars

When someone is circled in blue I believe they are the first and most recent poster of a topic


Yes, the blue highlight glow (not exactly circle) is for users who have recently posted in a pm or thread. It directly doesn’t mean that the user is active at the moment!

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What @GBKarp said above, but I’ll simplify it. If the person who created the topic is the last person to post on said topic, then their pfp is circled in blue. If someone else were the last to post, then their pfp would show as the last one from the left. The reason why the topic creator’s pfp wouldn’t go to the last one on the left is because their pfp can only be seen once on the line of the 5 visible pfps. If it were there twice, things would get very confusing, and also wouldn’t show more users who are active in the topic.