Best coding language debate

Coding yay

I think the best coding language is python because yes.

Python cuz idk

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The all time greatest, JavaScript and its family!

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Zac is gonna say PHP defo

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Yuck :joy:

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HTML and Java.

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More anger

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JavaScript is the reason why some things are alive in programming

i like pycharm

That is…oof

PHP is the best. Second me @anon94363592.

Fight me @Adrian_K

For what? just because you think PHP is superior


it was a joke, Adrian lol

PHP is actually the best. But I prefer JS coz I can do more with it.

This is my opinion after learning both.

JavaScript can only power the animations, those animations cannot really be shown without a PHP in general. So technically, in order to get the JavaScript, you need a PHP or HTML first

Yes of course. I love JS tho.

But if asking the greatest language then its PHP for sure.

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PHP is nice. I enjoy Java as well!

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