Battle of the Oceans

Why not. Let’s debate what Ocean is best.

  • Pacific
  • Atlantic
  • Indian
  • Arctic
  • Southern

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Most amounts of islands to colonise

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Imagine picking Southern. The youngest ocean out there

Atlantic, home to the Titanic, and lots of cool shipwrecks, uhh, home to the transatlantic tracks, Iceland.

Atlantic bcuz it’s got a cool name

The Pacific also contains cool warships and historical artefacts

Plus some of the most uncrowded and best beaches in Japan, Hawaii, the Philippines, California, Australia, for example

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The Southern Ocean’s existence is debatable, therefore, it is the best.

Its temperature is also the most consistent out of all the oceans.

Hon hon hon

I’d say it’s widely accepted as an ocean now. Plus it does stay the same temp: freezing.

Also why Pacific Ocean is better: The Ring of Fire

Say all you want, Pacific is always cut off on world maps. I wonder why…

Cause it’s the largest ocean

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Nope because its the worst :crazy_face:

This look right to you? Nope because the Pacific is ugly to look at :joy:

Majority of the worlds population borders the Pacific Ocean

Atlantic is freezing in the majority of it too

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I’ve swam in both and can confirm the Atlantic was better.

It’s onlh nice on the coast by temp
It sucks in every other way. You can’t tell me it’s nice in the middle of it.

Is it nice in the middle of the Pacific? Like the middle, away from any land.

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I mean how would anyone here know :joy:

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It’s about 80 degrees :joy:

Vs below freezing for the Atlantic