Ban the word Ratio from the WFC

I already see it way 2 much on social media. Can we just ban it here as well so I don’t have to risk seeing it. my idea would be to do what you did with my special censored word and just automatically flag and hide it. Thank you. Pls vote

Just curious, what’s wrong with the word ‘ratio’? It’s a mathematical word that’s used to compare things.


its not used on social media like that. especially twitter. if you state an opinion you get like 500 replies wit the word ratio. I don’t know how it started but its used as an argument now

also why not vote cause there like 5 active feature requests rn

Because I don’t want to get flagged if I want to say something like: “DEN has a very high ratio of domestic flights compared to international”.

when r u ever gonna use that phrase.

Idk, but I don’t want to be penalized for doing so.

I’m pretty sure none of us will use the word ratio the wrong way. We’re not Twitter, we’re the WFC. As long as it’s used the right way, it won’t be flagged.


Yeah, slight issue with that, we actually use the word ratio for its actual definition, here is an entire list of examples of the use of the word on here:

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I want the word removed because I got ratioed in a dm by Starz so this is to spite him

The ratio of votes to not votes is astronomically extraordinary.

Why is this a feature request?! :joy:

‘Ratio’ is a key mathematical term. I don’t see any reason why such a word needs to be banned. In fact, any word can become annoying if someone repeatedly spams it. Does that mean every word in the English dictionary has to be flagged here? No.