Idk, talk about anime here. Shows/series, I dunno. Or just art.

Just make sure you follow the WFC rules, or else one of the moderators will get angry at you.

Alsooooo, please, only post anime here, not any other types of cartoons or drawing styles.

Yey, anime topic.

Idk, I’ll go first then ig, lmao.

That one girl with horns that says Darling a lot.

Awh yis, Lappy. >:3 @KGJT-9149

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Never watched that before tbh.

@KGJT-9149 Should I watch Girls Last Tour? You ever heard about it?

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Go for it. I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I moght watch it after the season of the current anime I’m watching finishes (there’s only one episode left).

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Yea, that’s nice.

Funny thing is, I’ve heard it’s very depressing, lmao.

Maybe the anime not that much, but the manga is, I’ve heard. Made some people cry at the end, lol.

Like 6 books or smth? Idrk.

If you want a really depressing one, watch Angle Beats. (I personally didn’t find it as sad as Brynhildr, but everyone says Angle Beats is one of the most depressing ones out there.)

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Do you also read stuff btw?

Nah. I never managed to get into manga.

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Hm, why not?

Drop your MAL here too, if you have one.

Wdym MAL?

What I think it is?


MyAnimeList. An app where you store and score your animes, and keep track of your animes Journey. A very usefull app, I started using it 2 years ago and I like it a lot.

Yea, I guessed that. Someone mentioned it here a long time ago.

But honestly, I don’t care about it, because besides not caring about those kinda apps, and well uhh, I’ve only watched like 3/4/5 actual animes.

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As of now, I have a count of 161 completed animes. So the app is very helpful for me to keep track of what I watch and etc

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I think I slightly remember them…

In correct order too, I think. The first might not be in the correct order, lmao.

Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series, first anime I watched, like 2019? The memories lmao.

Girls Und Panzer


The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

The one with Jahy in it, don’t remember the name, lmao. (Havent finished watching it yet, all from like a year ago idk lol)

I think I’ve watched some others too, maybe only 1 episode of a series or some I forgot about.

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Bruh who hurt you system?

Stupid system censoring the least offensive words, lmao.

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How many times have you watched One Piece completely?

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This is also viable to One Piece. I completely hate popular animes and mainly due to the trash fandoms that act like : “WhY hAven’t YOU watChEd my ANIME?!” ; “WHY YOU RATED IT SO LOW CAN’T YOU SEE?” ; “Your animes sucks, mine’s don’t”, and more. I tend to avoid watching popular anime’s, due to the fact that I may come in contact in the fandom, and because most of them are extended and span across a lot of episodes, and I prefer watching 12/24 episode animes.

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