An Aviation Day in Review | 1-21-2024

Hey WFC!

I don’t know if you were focusing on researching the crash that happened in the Middle East today. This was Falcon 10 aircraft going to Moscow, via Indian airspace. This private jet went off radar whilst in Afghanistan airspace, when it crashed. Miraculously, only 2 of the 6 people died in this accident. Since this was a major crash in todays news, lets take you to my home state of Arkansas for a bit of news. Today, 1-21-2024, a small general aviation aircraft crashed just after takeoff from Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas (KLIT). This national airport serves 6 airlines. The tiny SR22 crashed just after liftoff, an they got a report at 1:15-1:20pm. The whole plane was on fire and the 1 soul onboard died. RIP to my fellow Arkansan. This crash comes nearly just 11 months after another crash at KLIT killing 5 people in a King Air.

This image is a picture of the Falcon 10 on ground while in one piece.


This image is a picture of the crash site of the SR22.

Please let me know if yall enjoy these and I should do more!




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