An apology

So as many of you know, when the thread about pride month came out I complained on it. I can still reserve my opinions on it without sharing it out to the community and possibly deterring people from the community or offending someone unintentionally. So from here on out I’m gonna try to keep my controversial opinions to myself unless it’s a political debate thread or something.

-Smooth flying, Stormy.


Hey, Stormy!

I want to start by being honest and saying that I did not close this topic for any reason other than avoiding a conflict. I know your intentions, but unfortunately, others may not.

Regardless, your apology is much appreciated, especially to those affiliated with the LGBTQIA+ community. Each individual is entitled to their own views, and everyone must learn to respect that, whether they agree or not.

From the moderation team’s perspective, we hold nothing against you, or anyone, who may not support LGBTQIA+. It does not influence our decisions.

Once more, thank you for your apology to the community. It shows your true colors (in a good way).

See you around! :airplane: