An apology to the WFC

This is a topic I feel is, well necessary after today.

As pointed out by @BonaireDude, I realised I am being a serious nuisance on the WFC as of late, repeatedly annoying him and other users around here. I now realise what I have been doing is completely unacceptable and unnecessary and I apologise dearly for this. From now, I will try to stop being so annoying.

Secondly, their is me with asking for moderator. I am going to stop this immediately. This leads nicely onto the next point, me gaining TL3. I realise i have now put myself in multiple scenarios where I have been dangerously close to demotion from this trust level, and I cannot recall a single example i have actually done something helpful with it and all I did is abuse my powers. so from now I promise to use this title responsibly.

Please consider this my personal apology to everyone, including specific users such as @BonaireDude and @KTJ_Mitchell (for what happened in off topic today, this was unnecessary as well)

Anyway, I will conclude this topic now.

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cool topic and all but next time do it in the off topic chat

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Me trying to figure out the issue and not having a bloody clue

Actually, I think I might have found it

Thanks for taking time out to write this, I appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @KTJ_Mitchell

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