American A321neo PHX-DFW

Hello everyone we are back in PHX on February 21st 2022 on AA2766 back to DFW
I came off of watching the stars blowing it over the Coyotes (the worst home team in the NHL) the stars played good in the 3rd, but wedgewall was just the better goalie than otter so Arizona took the W

Anyways back to the flight

We checked our bags again and they let us check in at the international check in because it was empty. We got coffee at peets and easy to say that was the worst mocha of my life, and just like Jason Robertson, this one missed the net.

We boarded in group 6 again for this very early flight and made our way to 29A again, but on this neo we were closer to the door 3L emergency exit than last time. The seat was average.

The ife same as last time.

This flight had a beautiful cloudy descent into DFW. The crew did very good managing the flight and gave anyone who asked their connection info.

The food was the same again, apple juice and biscoff

The landing felt like we were going around, but the pilot managed an absolute butter landing in very windy conditions. Great job!

The arrival into DFW was nice, we got our car, then got our bags and headed home with dusty, not that clean, texas air in our lungs after the best air ive ever felt in Phoenix!

Departure airport experience :star::star::star:
Seat :star::star::star:
IFE :star::star::star:
Food :star::star::star:
Crew :star::star::star::star::first_quarter_moon:
Landing :star::star::star::star::star:
Arrival airport experience :star::star::star::first_quarter_moon:

It was a nice, quick flight home.

Again 25/35 stars!


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