American 787 Go-Around at Honolulu!

Hey everyone! During yesterday’s ATC schedule I decided to fly to Honolulu from Los Angeles.
As I was landing ATC left, so it got a little crazy with another plane landing on the 4s and a plane lined up on 8L (the runway I was landing on)
So I ended up going around which wasn’t too big of a disappointment since it wasn’t very busy, surprisingly. Plus the views in the 50th State are spectacular!

Server: Expert
Route: Los Angeles to Honolulu (KLAX-PHNL)
Airline/Aircraft: American B789
Flight Time: 5hr 32mn

image image image image image

Sorry for the poor quality, the original images aren’t formatted correctly to post them on here
(Anyone know why that happens?)


Great video

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Um… Those are pictures not a video. @Jacob_Layton I love the first picture. Looks like the go around was a safe one.

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??? What :joy:

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I’m bugged



I really climbed because ATC got back and cleared the plane to takeoff and I didn’t want to have a midair crash

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I just gave a nice vid to someone and I got mixed up

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Yeah well once I commented on IFC and thought it was here so lol

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I’ve never seen someone so happy about a go-around. It’s usually complaining that IFATC doesn’t know how to control/they crash because they didn’t have enough fuel.



This is the worst day of my life. So many community flags

I haven’t seen any, lol.

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Its restored

This is why it was flagged. We won’t be removing that from the list. Sorry!

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And I oopps

I usually hate go arounds but Hawaii is a cool place to fly lol

Very green! Hawaii is a really beautiful place, even with IF’s 7/10 scenery

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Lol yeah their scenery can be bad in some regions. But not Hawaii!

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