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Allegiant Virtual was founded on August 23rd, 2020, after our CEO wanted to create another large airline within the United States which had a diverse enough route network with unique destinations. After this, it was worked on for many days and at the same time new staff members joined the team, slowly ALVA was growing as more positions were filled at the VA and everything was coming together.

Finally, on October 27th, 2020 Allegiant Virtual was officially IFVARB approved.

Since then we have continued to grown in both flight time and number of pilots! Our current total is 30 pilots!

When looking to join a Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight, we have found that there are many things that people look for when applying and we have decided to add as many of these and incorporate them into our VA to help with applying, here are a few reasons why you should consider joining Allegiant Virtual!

Our Route Network
One of the main things we saw when looking at what people like when looking into different VA’s is many people like a large and unique route network.
With Allegiant Virtual we can connect you to over 90 destinations with over 500 routes to connect those destinations, some of these destinations are not served by any other VA in Infinite Flight which makes them unique!

Our Experience
When looking at our members at Allegiant Virtual we have a little bit of everything when looking at experience. Whether this be IFATC officers, previous experience in the Virtual Airline sector, or lots of flight time, this experience helps make our VA succeed overall both in the short term and long term!

Our Staff
Our Staff at Allegiant Virtual have one main priority, and that is to our pilots.
We make sure to put our pilots first and when making key decisions put ourselves in the shoes of a pilot and see how this could affect them both positively and negatively so we can come up with the best option possible!

At Allegiant Virtual, we currently have 9 staff positions.
Currently, of these 9 positions 8 of them are filled.
If you are interested in a Staff position please let us know in your application! CEO COO Head of Internal Affairs Routes Manager Education Officer Chief Recruiter Events Coordinator Social Media Manager Assistant Recruiter


Our CEO is the main leader at ALVA, they work on the day to day tasks of the VA and ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times. Works with other staff members ensuring systems run as expected and makes sure the website is up to date.


Our COO is second to the CEO and like the CEO works on the day to day tasks at the VA and ensures everything runs smoothly. Assists the CEO if needed and helps to fix any problems that may arise.

Head Of Internal Affairs

Our Head Of Internal Affair’s main priority is working on any problems or concerns that our pilots have and working on them with the rest of the staff. Helps on fixing anything related to the VA on either a small or large scale. They also help control the flow of PIREPS into our system.

Routes Manager

Our Rotes Manager manages all routes that are offered by ALVA to our pilots. This includes adding new routes, updating route information, and rearranging routes in our database. Our Routes Manager also works on codeshare routes for ALVA and makes sure all routes from our partners are added.

Education Officer

Our Education Officer mainly works on training new pilots who join ALVA and running them through the training program that we give to everyone before becoming an official line pilot. They also work on Checkrides for pilots looking to gain a rank promotion.

This position is currently open! If you are interested let @anon16122577 know!

Chief Recruiter

Our Chief Recruiter helps in bringing new pilots to ALVA along with helping them through our application process. They also provide new pilots with information and links to our Slack workplace and website as well.

Events Coordinator

Our Events Coordinator manages events for Allegiant Virtual such as creating events like ROTW and also finding events to partner with on behalf of Allegiant Virtual. They make sure that event attendance numbers are correct on our official Pilot Roster.

Social Media Manager

Our Social Media Manager manages all of our public accounts. These include Instagram, Youtube, and Infinite Flight Community. They also answer any questions relating to the VA from the outside.

Assistant Recruiter

Our Assistant Recruiter works with our Chief Recruiter in bringing new pilots to Allegiant Virtual. Additionally, they help pilots through their application process and providing links to our Slack workplace and website.

Currently in our system we have over 400 routes linking us to over 80 destinations across the United States. From the Cold Frontier in Anchorage to the Palm Trees of San Juan we have routes to there and many places in between!

Here is the link to our official Route Database:


Our fleet consists of two aircraft, the Airbus A320-200 and the Boeing 757-200. In total we have a fleet of 111 aircraft. This is broken down with 105 Airbus A320-200s and 6 Boeing 757-200s. Both of these aircraft found in our fleet are very versatile and are able to perform many different types of flights!

For more information on our aircraft, visit our website and when there, click in the upper right corner where it says “Our Fleet”

At Allegiant Virtual we use two ranking systems
The first one is for our flights which is based off of the amount of flight hours a pilot has when operating flights for us. As a pilot progresses up the ranks, they unlock new aircraft and new opportunities!

Rank Table
Rank Hours Aircraft Unlocked Description
Cadet Pilot 0 Cessna 172 Rank that our pilots hold when they are going through our training program
Second Officer 0 (training completed) Airbus A320-200 First mainline rank our pilots hold, obtained with completion of training program
First Officer 100 Airbus A320-200 Mainline rank our pilots hold, although not unlocking any new aircraft it shows proficiency in our system
Captain 175 Boeing 757-200 Mainline rank which allows the pilot to unlock the Boeing 757-200, a larger aircraft with even more choices in terms of routes
Chief Captain 300 Boeing 757-200 Similar to First Officer, shows proficiency in the Allegiant Virtual system
Instructing Chief Captain 350 All Shows dedication to ALVA, after obtaining this rank a pilot can help train new pilots and also is a mentor to more junior ranking pilots (Pilots are picked by staff for position)

Our second ranking system is for our Events. As a Pilot attends more events that are either sponsored or are created by Allegiant Virtual they gain points. As they gain more points they gain a higher event rank which lets the pilot add flight time and at our highest rank, a flight multiplier after the flight is completed

Rank Table
Rank Events Attended Flight Time Bonus
Sun+ Bronze 5+ 15 Minutes
Sun+ Silver 10+ 20 Minutes
Sun+ Gold 20+ 30 Minutes
Sun+ Platinum 30+ 45 Minutes
Sun+ Diamond 40+ 60 Minutes
Sun+ Pinnacle 50+ 2x Multiplier

Although we are a new VA we already have our first partner!
Our first partner is Air China Virtual, this allows ALVA pilots to fly around Asia and across the Pacific Ocean on their modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft!

Although we may only have one partner currently we are continuing to grow as we talk with VA’s on the topic of codesharing! Currently we are in talks with two other VA’s on codesharing, expect an update soon!

We would love you to join our team here at Allegiant Virtual!
If you are interested, take a look at the requirements below and then click on the link below the requirements or at the top of our thread!


Be at least 13 years or older

Valid IF Pro Subscription

Grade 3 or higher (Expert Server)

Access to our communication platform, Slack

Not be on either the IFVARB Watchlist or Blacklist

Join Us

Allegiant Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Allegiant Airlines Ltd.


Great thread. Congratulations to @anon16122577

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Thank you Adrian! We are happy to have you as a pilot!

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Hopefully they keep the Allegiant livery with the rework!
Also BEL-HNL which is super random lol


We are all hoping that IF keeps it!

Honolulu, so happy to have the destination in our route system!


Beautiful thread

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Nice thread! Glad to be a allegiant pilot!

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@Austrian001 We are happy to hear you enjoy being a pilot!

@GBKarp Thank you!


Nice thread! Glad to be a pilot!

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What do you have to say about the Allegiant 757 being removed?

We would say as it is unfourtanate losing an important aspect of our fleet and the overall VA, we will try our best to reincorporate the livery into IF. One of our members have created a feature request, but nothing much else we can do. Complaining in this situation would only set us back, which is why it may be a drawback in the short term, but we hope to find success in the future in bringing back the Allegiant livery to the 757.


I hope so too!

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To be honest, I don’t get why they removed lots if liveries.


Why tho

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Nice thread, well done

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I agree

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New thread coming soon!

(Man, closing your own topic feels weird)