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Before we begin, a message from our Founder and CEO, @KTJ_Mitchell

Hello and Welcome to Allegiant Virtual’s Official 2021 Thread! Over the last few months, me and the rest of the VA staff have been working hard in growing our VA, whether that be through exciting new Codeshares with our partners or introducing new programs into our system, we hope all of this benefits all members of ALVA. On a Personal note, I am happy to be leading this VA as we pass over 40 pilots in around 4 months of operations, and seeing what an idea has become is incredible! On behalf of everyone at ALVA, welcome to our new 2021 thread!

Allegiant Virtual was founded on August 23rd, 2020, after our CEO @KTJ_Mitchell wanted to create another large VA which could be located in the United States which in it’s own regards could be considered unique.

After going through the approval process and building up the staff team to full, Allegiant Virtual was officially certified by the IFVARB on October 27th, 2020 and commenced flight operations the next day.

Since then, as we come up on our 4th full month of flight operations we have reached 42 pilots and over 400 flight hours among them!


Currently, at Allegiant Virtual, we offer a wide variety of routes from both ourselves and our codeshare partners! Combined, we have nearly 600 routes in total and more and more are added everyday as we both expand our codeshare and our own mainline route and system.

Our Route Database can be found using the Airtable link which can be found below:


At Allegiant Virtual, we have two aircraft in our fleet: The Airbus A320-200 and the Boeing 757-200! In total of our fleet we have 114 aircraft, this is broken down as 109 Airbus A320s and 6 Boeing 757-200s. The A320 is our main aircraft in the fleet, operating nearly all of our routes, our the Boeing 757-200 can be found on routes from the West Coast to the islands of Hawaii!

For additional information relating to our fleet, please visit our website and click the “Fleet” tab, there you can find information relating to the aircraft and their role!

Livery Requests

Wanna see additional Allegiant liveries on Infinite Flight? Feel free to drop votes below for some of them and we hope to see them in the future!

Allegiant Airbus A319-100

Allegiant Boeing 757-200

Although we may have a large domestic presence in the United States, outside of that our operations and opportunities for our pilots are limited. However, with our codeshare partners, this helps our global operations and allowing ALVA pilots to fly around the world on several airlines!

Additional Codeshares are in the works, watch for any updates as more are added!

For Allegiant Virtual members, we use two different ranking systems: One for general activities in the VA and one for Events and Ranking. In the tables below you are able to see the requirements for each and the benefits of each!

General Flight Ranks

Rank Hours Aircraft Unlocked Description
Cadet Pilot 0 Cessna 172 This is our first rank, this is for new pilots as they go through our training program!
Second Officer 0 (training completed) Airbus A320-200 This rank is the first mainline rank once a pilot completes their training, this allows the pilot to fly the Airbus A320!
First Officer 100 Airbus A320-200 Our next mainline rank our pilots hold, although not unlocking any new aircraft it shows proficiency and experience when related to our VA
Captain 175 Boeing 757-200 Mainline rank which allows the pilot to unlock the Boeing 757-200, our largest aircraft in our mainline fleet!
Chief Captain 300 Boeing 757-200 Similar to the First Officer rank, by obtaining the rank it shows proficiency and experience in the Allegiant Virtual system
Instructing Chief Captain 350 All Shows dedication to the VA, after obtaining this rank a pilot can help train new pilots on permission of the staff and also is a mentor to more junior ranking pilots in the VA (Pilots are picked by staff for position)

Event Ranks

Rank Events Attended Flight Time Bonus
Sun+ Bronze 5+ 15 Minutes
Sun+ Silver 10+ 20 Minutes
Sun+ Gold 20+ 30 Minutes
Sun+ Platinum 30+ 45 Minutes
Sun+ Diamond 40+ 60 Minutes
Sun+ Pinnacle 50+ 2x Multiplier

At Allegiant Virtual, our Staff are the people who run the VA and help in making all the decisions and keeping Operations moving smoothly!

Currently, we have 9 positions, of which 8 of these are filled. If you are interested in an open position feel free to PM @Allegiant_Virtual !


Our CEO is the leader of ALVA. They are in charge of completing the day to day operations of the VA and ensuring everything runs smoothly within. They also work with other staff members to make sure all systems work properly for all the VA members.

Our current CEO is @KTJ_Mitchell


Second to the CEO, our COO performs similar tasks within the VA ensuring that the day to day operations of the VA work and that all they systems relating to the VA work as well! They assist the CEO with any issues as well.

Our current COO is @Prerb

Head Of Internal Affairs

Head Of Internal Affair’s main priority inside of ALVA is working on and fixing any issues and problems and dealing with them that come from our pilots. In addition to this, they also file PIREPs and log them in our system.

Our current Head of Internal Affairs is @Cheryl_Tunt

Routes Manager

Our Rotes Manager manages all routes that are offered by ALVA to our pilots. This includes adding new routes, updating route information, and rearranging routes in our database. Our Routes Manager also works on codeshare routes for ALVA and makes sure all routes from our partners are added and managed with!

Currently, the Routes Manager position is open, if you are interested PM @Allegiant_Virtual !

Education Officer

Our Education Officer mainly works on training new pilots who join ALVA and running them through the training program that we give to everyone before becoming an official line pilot.

Our current Education Officer is @DeltaDev13 !

Chief Recruiter

Our Chief Recruiter helps in bringing new pilots to ALVA along with helping them through our application process. They also provide new pilots with information and links to our Slack workplace and website as well. They work with the Education Officer with bringing new pilots into ALVA.

Our current Chief Recruiter is @Rockydawg_42

Events Coordinator

Our Events Coordinator manages events for Allegiant Virtual such as creating events like ROTW and also finding events to partner with on behalf of Allegiant Virtual. They make sure that event attendance numbers are correct on our official Pilot Roster.

Our current Events Coordinator is @dereckyared14

Social Media Manager

Our Social Media Manager manages all of our public accounts. This mainly relates to our Infinite Flight Community account, in addition to this they also answer any outside questions relating to ALVA.

Our current Social Media Manager is @Zach007

Oversight Director

New this year to the VA, our Oversight Director helps the CEO and COO that all operations pertaining to ALVA run smoothly and no issues arise. They help manage certain operations as well such as PIREPs and the Pilot Roster.

Our current Oversight Director is @WheelerAviation

We would love for you to join us here at Allegiant Virtual!

If you are interested in joining us, take a look at a few of the basic requirements and then click on the link below which will link you to our application page!

Basic Requirements

Be at least 13 years or older

Valid Infinite Flight live subscription

Access to Expert Server (Grade 3 or above)

Not on either the IFVARB Watchlist or Blacklist

Join Us!

Allegiant Virtual is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Allegiant Airlines Ltd.


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