Airport Trivia Thread-Real World Edition

This was sadly not allowed on IFC so I want to start it up again :slight_smile:
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Airport Trivia thread is where you can have fun answering questions about Airports everyday or making your questions, please read the rules below.


  • 1 Post max per person each day
  • Follow that days continent
  • Make it a good question
  • Do Not share Answers
  • Real World Only

Continent Each day of the week

Sunday: Africa
Monday: Asia
Tuesday: South America
Wednesday: North America
Thursday: Europe
Friday: Free Choice
Saturday: Australia

First Question

I’ll go first!
Today is Monday so Asia
Answer the following question

Which is a hub for the Airline Aeroflot?
Level: Easy

  • Moscow
  • Russia
  • Frankfurt

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Cool idea. Might send a poll later.


Today’s question South America
Which country is home to Gol and Latam?
Level: Easy

  • Cuba
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Chile

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Next Question as it is the next day.
North America!! Yay!
This question is from my old IFC one.
Might be tricky but good luck.
which Airport has more FLIGHTS per day? This means number of takeoffs, also this is (pre-pandemic)
Level: Hard/Difficult

  • ORD
  • ATL

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We need more people to answer this tricky problem!!!

ORD it’s obvious.

Ops, I skipped a day, oh well. The answer to the question above is ORD, ATL has more passengers while ORD has more flights.
It is free day, so you can do any question for any airport in the world.

I’m going to choose an Airport in the USA.
The question is: “Which is America’s Friendliest Airport?”
Level: Medium

  • ATL
  • TUS
  • PHX
  • ORD
  • JFK
  • LAX
  • FLL

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Answer: PHX

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I think Newark

Maybe you should not be AntiNewarkGang anymore for saying that.

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Ok, here’s my question
What is the longest runway at KDEN
Airport Location: USA
Level: Medium/Hard?

  • 07/25
  • 08/26
  • 17R/35L
  • 17L/35R
  • 16R/34L
  • 16L/34R

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Answer: 16R/34L

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Which one is more dangerous in IF?

  • Lukla VNLK
  • Saba TNCS
  • FE7

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