Airlines Empires (AE) thread

(not sure if this is counted in Aviation games, but eh)

Welcome. This is AE , which has a realistic timescale, and realistic financial resources, and the website can be accessed at click here. So there are no mega airlines within 2.5 seconds. So this is basically where I’ll post things I do on AE. That’s about it.

Airlines of WFC members


World: Ra (Unlimited Airlines)

Country Airline Other notes
Brazil Gol
Korea Korean Airlines 1/3 Asian Carriers
USA Pan Continental Main airline, Rank number 4
UK Logic Air Operates just about everything, like Scotland hopper flights, traditional airline flights and Touristy routes
Italy Eurostar
Japan Japan Air Service 1/3 Asian Carriers
China Dragonair 1/3 Asian Carriers
Greece Minotaur
Holland Tranasvia
UAE Catapault

Ffs, this is like the 5th one. Can we please stick with one and just roll with it

nah this is a external website

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Ik this one can stay, but can we close down some of the older ones though, there’s like 4 imaginary ifc ones, we need like 2 max

Progress Log:

Did some more Pan Con routes
Ordered a cancerous amount of planes
Working on Logic Air

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And this one might have been ruined in record time

this is on a external website you nitwit

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The ordering of cancerous amounts of planes it what ruined these types of threads, no matter if they’re based off the WFC or on it

maximum idiocy incoming

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I am just staying the truth

And the preventive measures from being swamped with flights

1, I have to schedule them myself
2, I have to maintain them myself
3, I don’t have a whole lot of time

Anyway. Changelog so far today:

Used 8 Aircraft - JAS
Used 12 Aircraft - Korean
Used 18 Aircraft - Minotaur + 25 gate terminal (ATH)

Planned hubs for Pan Continental (stocking up on planes):


Ordered aircraft:

80 747-400 (Pan Con)
50 A300-600 (Pan Con)


should i focus on

  • asia
  • south america
  • minor cities
  • europe

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  • i dont care

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Dead lol, guess I was right

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