Airline Tournament!

Welcome to the 1st WFC airline tournament!

Polls decide which airline makes it to the next round and which one is eliminated! You guys can also pick which airlines can compete, just leave a comment below! There will be multiple categories which the polls will be based off of like: best livery, best economy class, best hub and so on. You guys can also suggest other categories as well! suggest as many airlines and Categories as you want, ill just make a bigger bracket! Enjoy!

Tournament Formating:

I will be using a randomizer once I have all the airlines and will put them in a random spot on a bracket against a random opponent to avoid bias.

Like This

Then for the specific round competition I will spina different wheel to decide what category each airline will be competing for.



  1. Delta
  2. American
  3. United
  4. JetBlue
  5. British Airways
  6. West jet
  7. Air Canada
  8. Southwest
  9. Air Koryo
  10. Korean Air
  11. Air France
  12. Emirates
  13. ANA
  14. Ethiad
  15. Qatar airways
  16. JAL
  17. China Eastern
  18. China Southern
  19. Ryanair
  20. East jet
  21. Aeroflot
  22. Avelo
  23. Breeze
  24. Kuwait Airways
  25. Cathay Pacific
  26. Singapore Airways
  27. Alaska
  28. Virgin Atlantic
  29. Qantas
  30. Virgin Australia
  31. Jetstar airways
  32. Air New Zealand

more will be added if needed


  1. Best economy Class
  2. Best Livery
  3. Best Business class
  4. Best route network
  5. Best staff
  6. Best meal
  7. Best lounge
  8. Best fleet
  9. Best Hub
  10. Best best First class
  11. Best premium economy
  12. Best Value
  13. Best experience

more will be added if requested

Thats all from me for now, get to suggesting so I can get this ball rolling!

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I added a bunch of new airlines and categories so if nothing else is requested by 2021-11-14T17:00:00Z I will start the competition

Breeze v. Avelo

Best economy

Air Koryo v. Emirates

Best experience

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alright the tournament has started!, this is the website I used for the bracket, and yes it is randomized. first round soon


Virgin Atlantic Vs Ethiad! Category is who has the best lounge! so you vote for who you thing has the best lounge and don’t vote off of anything else!

Who has the better lounge?
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Ethiad

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It’s unfortunate Virgin Atlantic got stuck wit the airline that has the Residence lounge lol, but what can you do when its randomized. have fun voting

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also let me know if I should do one poll every 24 hours or one poll every 12 hours because if we go for one every 14 hours this isn’t gonna be done until 2022… not even joking

  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours

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12 hours it is, round 2 will be up shortly! it will also end at 2021-11-16T17:00:00Z to get the tournament back on track

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United vs Virgin Australia! the Category its who has the best fleet! so you vote for whoever has the coolest fleet to you, this means if you like simple fleets vote simple, if you like complex, vote complex!

Who Has the Best Fleet?
  • United
  • Virgin Australia

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Have fun with round 2!

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Vote in other words:

do you like a airline’s fleet which has

tons of planes


literally nothing cuz its going bankrupt

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Congrats to the winners of both rounds, next round will be up after my exam is complete

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Ok I’m gonna be honest I’m feeling like sht so I’m gonna delay this until I’m no longer sick

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Round 2 will hopefully be tomorrow if I don’t have Covid, I’m getting a test rn so I can fly home Sunday

Damn I forgot about this jawn, now I don’t rlly feel like doing it. canceled

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