Airbus 220 (A220) or Bombardier C-Series?

  • Bombardier C-Series
  • Airbus A220

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I call it the A220 as that is its current name.

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A220 because

Airbus > Boeing
Embraer > Bombardier

Don’t correct me, I already know I’m right


I prefer the Airbus name, A220.

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I’m team Bombardier thats why I had my vote like that

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Yes please!

Edit: thanks @Z-Tube

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I’ll fix something for you


I’ll pretend I didn’t see that

I call it the A220 even though C-Series sounds way cooler.

A220 rolls of the tongue better than CS300, but CS300 sounds cooler. Overall I will still refer to it as the CSeries because that’s what its real name is.

It is A220 right now and it will stay the A220 if Southwest gets it.

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C-Series because it’ll never be an Airbus plane. Wasn’t built or designed by them from the start so it’ll always have Bombardier roots. (Just like it’s the CRJ, not Mitsubishi)
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Definitely A220 as I LOVE AIRBUS and I believe that that is its current name.

They are the same




the first one is wrong tho

Airbus > Boeing
Embraer > Bombardier