Air Koryo — The Interesting North Korean Airline

Air Koryo — The Interesting North Korean Airline

Let’s go back to 1953, North Korea.

The Nation is rebuilding its self from the devastating Korean War. However Meanwhile, the Northern Half Is Negotiating with the USSR to start an airline to fly Pyongyang to Moscow.

In 1955, It finally happens and they start operations with Lisunov LI-2, AN-2 and IL-2 aircraft.

Half a decade later, they get IL-14’s and 18’s.

In the 1970’s they start expanding rapidly, with TU-154’s first given to them, allowing services to Socialist East Europe. And later on IL-62’s which could get to far flung destinations like Sofia, and Belgrade. It also marked the first direct flight to Moscow, as the TU-154 needed a few stops.

In the Collapse Of the USSR, they renamed themselves from ‘조선민항’ (Chosonminhang) to Air Koryo in 1992. They Ordered IL-76 aircraft the same year.

The Decline Of the Airline seemed to happen after the time Generalissimo Kim-Il sung died in 1994. i had to okay

In 2003, The impossible happened, where General Kim Jong-Il allowed Southerners to travel to the area, though this was short-lived.

In 2007, they received their TU-204 aircraft, from Russia’s Red Wings. They are the only aircraft that can fly over EU airspace

In 2011, the end of European destinations happened after the airline was banned from flying over EU airspace. This marked another huge decline.

In 2012, the airline Also Received some A-148’s.

In 2017, North Korea Launches Hwasong-12 missile and it lands in Japanese seas.

In retaliation, the United Nation imposed harsher economic sanctions (not like they already had some)
Which is the main reason for so long they hadn’t been able to buy Airbus or Boeing.

In 2020, Operations were halted due to the Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2019, the Current Routes They have are the following:


What’s expected of the Airline? We don’t have a clue.

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koryo air

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Has air koryo started back up yet or no

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As long as supreme leader Kim keeps the lockdown, air koryo is staying down

that was cringe sorry

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I swear Kim jong un almost died like 7x last year. And how he’s skinny. He isn’t even fat anymore. Irl what happening with them

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