Air India unveils their new livery and brandig


The A350’s will be the first planes to wear the new livery
The purple has been taken over from Vistara and the red and gold are already used by AI
The Tata Group-owned airline’s brand-new aircraft livery and design features a palette of deep red, aubergine, and gold highlights, as well as a chakra-inspired pattern.

Source : air india: Air India unveils new logo; Maharaja retires - The Economic Times^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet


Cant decide which is worse Condor or Air India


air india

Too many colors here

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why fix something that ain’t broke?

That’s what I always say lmao.

I can’t wait to be alive in the next 10 years and see all of these crappy liveries that look like they were made by a 10 year old in roblox. :skull: :sob:



Way better.

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both in terms of service and designing/style

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And the planes they operated.

thats actually vijay mallaya’s private jet

they used to operate A319’s, A320’s, A321’s and A330-300’s with A340-500’s, A350-900’s and A380’s on order

also some ATR72-500’s under Deccan

Yeah I know it was a VIP thing, but still pretty cool. Kingfisher C-17 when? (Just like Qatar did)

What does he fly now then?

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hes wanted for fraud, tax evasion and some other tax related crimes

hes in london now, trying to escape from indian govt

and the airline is long dead

Just like me fr.

Yeah I know, kinda sad, but I kinda believe they would’ve gotten an ugly ULCC livery like Air India has too.


best airline we had imo

they had self respect and dignity
they wouldnt have done anything like that
the kingfisher beer logo hasnt changed in quite a while too

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They don’t extradite him?

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they have been trying for quite some time now
the uk gov isnt ready to do it

we almost had a breakthrough once but then they were like “nah you wont get him now”

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u must let them steal more of ur stuff if u want him back