Aer Lingus to Start Transatlantic Flights From Manchester (TDZ News)

Aer Lingus to Start Transatlantic Routes From Manchester

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Aer Lingus revealed yesterday that they intend to start up transatlantic flights from Manchester Airport. But how? And when?

The Irish flag carrier has revealed that they plan to make a subsidiary called Aer Lingus UK (like KLM Asia). This would mean that they would have British registrations on their aircraft and would be allowed to operate directly to the US from England. You may be thinking that this will be expensive, but you would be surprisingly wrong. They are planning on employing local crew on cheaper pay than their Irish staff. This means that their already existing aircraft will be operating outside of Ireland.

In conclusion, this is primarily being put in place due to Brexit and is expected to have enough demand to expand it even further. This may be a concern for Ireland’s jobs, though, and routes from Shannon could be in jeopardy!

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